Contemporary wine rack from Vynebar

Vynebar is a trendy and sophisticated solution to store wine. It not only have very simple shape but also is very easy to install. It could be mounted under a kitchen cabinet or on any other wall at your kitchen, dining and living areas. The wine rack remove clutter, display your specially selected vintages and gives an easy access to them. The Vynebar comes in two sizes, to hold 4 or 8 bottles, and have 8 anodized metal colors to choose from. These anodized colors are not paint or powder-coat, they are a chemical bath that colorizes the metal itself leaving you with a permanent finish that will not chip off or fade over time. If you’re one of those geeks who’ve got interested in wine thanks to all these shows, like Gary Vaynerchuck’s one, and cares about home decor then the Vynebar might be a cool addition to it.